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I gotta say… while I have always appreciated Brand New, they are far from my favorite band. Never went to a concert or bought their album the day it came out.  But when I put on a favorite song of theirs REALLY loud, you would swear I’d seen them live 100 times and was their biggest fan.

Half an hour left of woooooork.  And by work I mean sitting at my desk playing indie bands for my boss to see if she’s interested in booking them.  Plus she was just like oh Cal we booked Keane and The Lumineers so put these dates in your calander. Who am I kidding I LOVE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grades just got posted, 3.7 GPA this semester :) And that’s a yes FINALLY for my tattoo!


Packing up my dorm alone and blasting La Rocca, this is my biggest fear in life.  It’s like taking a person who is scared of heights to a cliff or a person who is scared of the ocean out on a boat.  Growing up, things changing. My biggest fear.  It’s no secret that I didn’t love this year, but it doesn’t change how scary this is for me.  Saying goodbyes, staring at blank walls and empty beds.  Last time I did this, I thought to myself… just please please please don’t let things change.  And that’s exactly what happened.  Everything changed.  I guess what I mean is… time is so scary.  And I wish I had someone here with me.  I’m always okay on my own, but when it comes to facing your most severe woes it’s nice to have someone to calm you down.  Last year I had someone to hold my hand while I did this, and it hurts to remember that too.


Even though this year and been a flurry of pulling myself out of slumps and emotional roller coasters, I can remember what happened a year ago tonight and recall that at the time it was beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  Cheers to what the future will bring.

So hard to hate you.

So hard to love you.


Working security for a Streetlight Manifesto/Chris Webby/Porter Robinson concert tonight. What a weird combo.  Hopefully nobody punches someone’s nose while skanking or tries anything dumb. I’m secretly excited to relive my high school ska days :)

Finding beauty in the little moments in life all the time.


The Grammy’s were FLAWLESS. Perfect. Except Nicki Minaj, who had to put on a whole theatrical performance to hide the fact that her voice just isn’t as purely beautiful as the other ladies. But her rapping was spot on. I’m just dead. I can’t believe Bon Iver actually won even though I had ALL THE FAITH IN HIM. And I can’t believe Paul played my favorite Beatles song. Ugh, music is the only thing. 

  • Work was a lot easier this week and I think I’m just easing into it
  • However I barely have time for Tumblr anymore
  • I’ve been enjoying just drinking and playing instruments with friends this week, that’s my favorite kind of night
  • I could use a nice weekend trip and as usual I hate not having The Pos here on campus (aka my car)

Ugh I love jamming to Hilary Duff while I shower…. *loses all followers*

I just learned ‘Old White Lincoln’ by The Gaslight Anthem on uke and I’m SO EXCITED.